Welcome to Copper + Cloves.

Copper and Cloves is on a mission to show that nourishing food can be delicious, celebratory and yet simple to make. Eating healthily should never be a chore!

Our food is colourful, full of flavour and celebrates fresh ingredients and seasonal produce. We believe eating should be joyful and satisfying, and we want to give you new and exciting food experiences. We do lots of different things within food, which you can read about below, and keep an eye on our events page for information about upcoming public events. 

Please contact us if you would like to enquire about a workshop or private catering, or if you would like to collaborate on hosting a healthful event. We would love to hear from you!

Healthful events

We believe that every city needs social events where you can meet new people, be active, and enjoy nourishing, tasty food. Typically, our social lives tend to revolve around late nights and drinking, but Copper + Cloves is all about creating more opportunities to connect and socialise with like-minded people that don't involve staying up late and feeling rough the next morning. Copper + Cloves partners with other passionate wellness companies to put on health and wellness focused events- from Yoga Brunches to Supper Clubs. Check out The Meet-Ups to find out about future events.

The Yoga Brunch at Nicobar Bangalore

The Yoga Brunch at Nicobar Bangalore

The dining area at our recent retreat in Kerala

The dining area at our recent retreat in Kerala

Yoga Retreats

There is nothing better than getting away from the city, meeting like-minded people and deepening your practice. Retreats should be relaxing and revitalising, but we have found that retreats often neglect the importance of delicious and nourishing food! The delight is in the detail, with morning smoothies before practice, homemade granola at breakfast, and seasonal, hearty meals made with the freshest local produce.

 Copper + Cloves team up with unique, beautiful venues and our yoga partner Nikaya Yoga, to put on truly special retreats that leave you feeling light, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Private Catering

Copper+ Cloves can cater interesting, healthy food for dinner parties, Sunday brunch at home, or gatherings with friends. Sarah, founder of Copper + Cloves, will design a delicious menu specifically for your event, taking into account any dietary requirements.   

Whether it is a family-style feast or unique, nourishing canapes- get in touch to have a chat about your perfect menu.

Miso brinjal canapes created for a private dinner party

Miso brinjal canapes created for a private dinner party

Workshop about mindful eating and living

Workshop about mindful eating and living

Workshops and cooking lessons

We love to share our ideas, recipes and expertise, and we regularly run cookery classes and workshops! Our cookery classes can be one to one or with a group- and can be held in your kitchen or at a beautiful space! Get in touch, and Sarah will have a chat with you to understand what it is you want to learn and will co-create the menu with you. Our private cooking lessons are hands-on, you will get involved at every stage of preparation!

We collaborate with partners to host workshops  and cooking demonstrations for kids and adults about healthy eating and nutrition and introducing the concept of slow food and mindful eating. We incorporate hands-on, interactive sessions. If you would like a Copper + Cloves workshop at your event or at your office or school, please do get in touch. 



Pop-ups and menu Consultancy

We love to collaborate with work spaces, cafes and restaurants! Sarah from Copper + Cloves can design a menu as a pop-up guest chef in your cafe or co-working space.

If you are a restaurant or cafe looking to develop a nutritionally balanced, plant-based or wellness-orientated menu, we would love to hear from you. Sarah will design your menu according to your needs and train your kitchen staff to recreate it, on a consultancy basis.


Sarah can design healthy, delicious dishes for your cafe or restaurant

Sarah can design healthy, delicious dishes for your cafe or restaurant

Sarah Copper and Cloves salad dressing

One on One Coaching Practice

Sarah is a qualified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Sarah supports people to live well, through making simple, health-promoting changes to their habits, lifestyle and eating style. 

Most people now agree that the cornerstones of living well are simple- eating a varied, balanced diet that includes lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and moving your body regularly. However, it is often harder than we expect to adopt positive health behaviours, and Health Coaching is all about supporting you to overcome the challenges, mental blocks and motivation dips. It is a gradual process that works best when combined with empowering you as an individual, and focusing on habit formation rather than making drastic changes.

If you are interested in empowering, habit-based one-on-one coaching with Sarah, please get in touch via the 'contact' page.



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