Healthy Happenings



Yoga Brunch

30 September 2017

Bangalore's first 'Yoga Brunch'! We would love for you to join us at Nicobar's beautiful design studio for a breath-focused hatha flow class led by Namrata of Nikaya Yoga followed by a nourishing three-course brunch cooked up by Sarah of Copper + Cloves that we will all eat together.

Start your weekend well with a flow practice, a satisfying brunch and meet lovely people in a beautiful setting. 

Time: 8.30-10.30am


wellness workshop

16 December 2017

Join us for a 'conscious living' workshop at Nicobar's beautiful design studios. The morning will start with a talk about reducing our trash footprint by Sahar Mansoor, Founder and CEO of Bare Necessities followed by a discussion on the principles of living well by Sarah Edwards, Founder of Copper + Cloves. This will be followed by a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to make zero-waste personal care products and sustainable, healthy snacks.

After the talk and workshop, we will share a delicious, organic, plant-based meal.

Time: 9-12pm

Yoga Brunch

24 March 2018

Back by popular demand- The Yoga Brunch! Join us for a breath-focused hatha flow led by Namrata or Nikaya Yoga, followed by a delicious, nourishing brunch cooked up by Sarah of Copper + Cloves.  This will all be taking place in the beautiful Nicobar Design Studio, above Good Earth, just off Lavelle Road.

Start your weekend well with a flow practice, a satisfying brunch and meet lovely people in a beautiful setting. 

Time: 8.30-10.30am

Yoga Brunch

21 April 2018

Start your day with a refreshing, breath focused practice with Namrata Sudhindra from Nikaya Yoga, to energise you and set the tone for the weekend.

Follow up your yoga practice with a deeply nourishing and seriously delicious three-course brunch prepared by Sarah from Copper and Cloves with seasonal, organic produce from Happy Health Me. It’s going to be mangoes and all things Indian summer. 

All in the tropical haven of the Nicobar store in Bangalore.

See you on the mat.

Time: 8.30-10.30am

Yoga Brunch

26 May 2018

Ease into the weekend with Namrata's signature style Nikaya Yoga practice to set you right up for the weekend followed by a nourishing, seasonal three-course brunch by Sarah of Copper + Cloves, all held in the sanctuary of the beautiful Nicobar Design Studio.

Sarah of Copper and Cloves will be preparing a seasonal, 3 course brunch. Entirely plant based, absolutely delicious and crafted with fresh produce from Happy Healthy Me, this brunch will leave you feeling light and nourished.

Time: 8.30-10.30am

Yoga Brunch

14 july 2018

Kickstart  your weekend with Namrata Sudhindra of Nikaya Yoga as she returns for another grounding yoga session at the Nicobar Design Studio here in Bangalore. Focused on your breath, alignment and centering of mind and body, this session promises to be both rejuvenating and refreshing. 

Follow this mindful movement with a wholesome brunch by Sarah of Copper + Cloves crafted with fresh produce from Happy Healthy Me. Featuring a plant-based menu just in time for the monsoon, expect a warming and nourishing menu.

Time: 8.30-10.30am


Millet cooking Workshop 

25 April 2018

Sarah from Copper and Cloves will be teaching 3 nourishing, delicious millet recipes.

During this free event, hosted by The Organic World India,  Sarah will  be redefining the concept of a salad to show you how to use different types of millets to make delicious,  grain-based salads that people actually want to eat. 

Using simple, seasonal produce available from The Organic World India, the workshop will teach you how to layer up flavours and textures, make flavoursome, tangy dressings and present salads beautifully.

Time: 3-5pm

mindfulness & nutrition workshop for kids

31 May 2018

Join us for this first-of-a-kind workshop for young golfers. Kids and their parents will learn about healthy eating habits, cooking and meditation in a fun, hands-on way.

Sarah will be leading the mindful eating and cooking sessions, while Tara will be leading meditation and simple yoga for kids. Young golfers and their parents will benefit from strengthened focus and concentration and a greater appreciation of the power of being mindful

Time: 5-7 pm


20 May 2018

Join us for a yoga & wellbeing workshop held at Invictus Athletic Club.  The workshop will include dynamic yoga sequences and guided meditation sessions to improve mobility and gain greater clarity, often overlooked aspects of your wellbeing. This section of the workshop will be led by experienced yoga teacher, Nayantara.

Sarah from Copper and Cloves will then lead a session on mindful eating, nourishment and a hands-on workshop about how to make healthy snacks. Sarah's central mission is to destigmatise health food as boring and tasteless and show people how flavoursome and nutritious it can be.

Time:  8-10.30am

Yoga retreat

15-17 June 2018

In God’s own country, nestled on a cliff is our beautiful retreat home for the weekend. An award-winning architecturally fascinating home with a breathtaking infinity pool, an unparalleled view, open decks and spacious rooms with open showers, The Cliff House invites you to slow down and pay attention to the smaller, more important things.

Nikaya Yoga and Copper and Cloves invite you to a retreat designed to nurture your body and soul. With morning and sunset yoga and meditation sessions and thoughtful, nourishing meals with a local touch, this retreat will give you plenty of time to connect with yourself and other like-minded people.